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Throughout my life I have always been involved with the transport industry, driving large vehicles is in my blood.

My first experience of trucks was as a small child sitting in the passenger seat of an articulated lorry and at the first opportunity, aged 18, I gained my HGV Class 1 Licence.

That was more than 30 years ago and since then I have spent my working life driving vehicles of all kinds, from the proverbial white van to 110t articulated trucks, from tippers to tankers, wagon and drag through to road trains in the outback of Australia.

Being behind the wheel of a truck can make you feel invincible but it’s vital that you always remember you’re in control of a very large, heavy and dangerous vehicle. This was brought home to me at a very young age when my Dad suffered life changing injuries after being involved in a serious accident while driving his truck. From that day, safety while driving has always been at the forefront of my mind.

Whether you call yourself a truck driver, lorry driver, or trucker, once you have gained your LGV Licence you will be a professional driver with a duty not only to ensure the vehicle you are driving is safe and legal to use on the road but to ensure that all other road users and pedestrians are safe.

Our aim at LGV Training Bristol is to share the knowledge and experience gained over more than 30 years on the road to get you off to the best start possible in your new career.

Rich Abram

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